Monaco F1 Grand Prix – LIVE!


1 Monaco Grand Prix LIVE!

Charles Leclerc is set to end his home racing curse and regain the lead in the Formula 1 World Championship today.

In three F1 outings and two F2 races on these streets, the Monegasque driver has yet to reach the checkered flag and yet leads a locked-out Ferrari to the front row after Saturday’s qualifying session.

Red Bull wasted a missed opportunity to put Max Verstappen alongside Leclerc, who dominated all weekend, when Sergio Perez crashed into the barrier late in the third quarter.

Carlos Sainz slipped into the Mexican at the entrance to the tunnel but still took second place in qualifying, with Perez third ahead of McLaren’s Verstappen and Lando Norris.

Lewis Hamilton starts eighth as Mercedes, with George Russell sixth, admitted last night Monaco was the worst possible circuit they could have faced after appearing to improve around Barcelona a week ago.

While the narrow, winding streets of the iconic venue may prove harder than ever to overtake, the potential for rain and safety cars should make this race one that fans can’t take their eyes off in this fascinating countryside. 2022.

With the lights out at 2pm, follow Standard Sport’s live blog for updates from the Monaco Grand Prix…

Live updates


Max Verstappen gives an overview of the race

“We need a bit of luck with the strategy or the safety car because you can’t pass here, [overtaking places] do not exist in these cars.


Pneumatic strategy – for dry…

Drops are falling on the track but nothing substantial so far…


The national anthem begins…

We are only 15 minutes from the race!


Preview of the weekend

“Monaco is testing a driver like no other circuit, even the most accomplished at a fraction of the distance from a bad joke on the most ruthless circuit. This is the great unknown of the calendar, a facet that has been reinforced in 2022. Teams are still getting to grips with the new regulations – and the cars they’ve created within those regulations – and all have arrived in the principality with an air of uncertainty: how to best configure their car; and quite how it will feel on the particular nuances of the tight and twisty street circuit.

Read Matt Majendie’s full story.


Saturday… a pigeon fell victim to Sergio Perez


Conor McGregor makes his allegiance known

“I’m here for the Haas team and I’m more confident after today’s qualifying round. Our cars are exceptional, there was an accident which damaged the cars of two of the top teams and I think ‘there’s something special coming up and it’s for Haas, I support Haas,” the UFC superstar told Sky Sports on Saturday.

“[Mick Schumacher] is racing royalty, I feel like it’s written, I can feel it in the air for the boys. I support them and wish them the best. »


Celebrity Watch!

Heidi Klum catches up with Flavio Briatore on the grid.

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The prize for the best Monegasque work is awarded to…


The pit lane is open!

The drivers get into their cars for the first time today with a race around the circuit before settling on the grid.

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