Morrison outsources calling of election to consultancy firm

The Prime Minister has awarded a $30 million contract to consultancy firm McKinsey to plan and implement the calling of the 2022 Federal Election.

Under the scope of the project, McKinsey will assess all available options for traveling to Government House to advise the Governor General of the intention to call the election ($20 million) as well as providing a suitable subject matter expert (SME) to deliver the news to the Governor General ($10 million).

A spokesperson for the Government said it was money well spent. “McKinsey will provide a detailed analysis of all available routes to Government House, the possible modes of transport available, the traffic implications of leaving at different times during the day and available parking options at Government House once there. It’s a lot of work.

“And that’s before you consider the many different ways one could advise the Governor General of the intention to call the election. Is it better to say ‘I would like to hold an election on the 14th May’ or the more formal ‘It is my intention to hold an election on the 14th of May’? These are all things that they will consider in their report”.

McKinsey is expected to deliver their report by the end of June.

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