Mullewa Saints Football Club win their first game in three years in WA’s Great Northern Football League

Mullewa Saints Football Club won their first game in three years, beating fourth-placed Northampton by 15 points.

The Saints play in the Great Northern Football League and it’s their first victory since round six in 2019, from a total of 35 games.

Mullewa chairman Mick Wall said it was a relief to get a win as “it’s been a while between the drinks”, but he could feel it coming.

“The team has improved with every game,” he said.

“We didn’t win but we got closer, the atmosphere and the guys who come to training have been fantastic.

Mullewa Football Club chairman Mick Wall sits in a locker room wearing the club's sweater, arms crossed and smiling.
Mullewa Football Club chairman Mick Wall said he could smell victory coming. (ABC Geraldton: Glenn Barndon)

Finals at your fingertips

Wall said Mullewa’s height has been an issue.

“The lack of size is a problem for us, we tried to get some good rucksmen to play but everyone wants money these days and it’s hard to come by,” he said.

He attributed the result to the team’s strong defence.

“Our backline looked great yesterday,” he said.

The win puts Mullewa just one win behind fourth-placed Northampton, with the top four teams set to play in the final.

“We’re only one game out of four, so we have a chance,” Wall said.

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