Mum sparks debate after buying playful son fridge because she hasn’t ‘seen him since’

TikTok watch Lesley bought a mini fridge for her gamer son so he can enjoy cold drinks while playing his favorite computer games, but some have criticized her for her decision

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TikTok user shows son’s game setup

A mum has sparked a debate after saying she bought her young ‘playful son’ a mini fridge for Christmas and hasn’t ‘seen him since’.

TikTok user Lesley, @lesleymcb, said her son wanted a fridge to keep next to his PlayStation and she was fine with it, but she uploaded a video the next day saying that she hadn’t seen it after giving it to him.

A debate raged in the comments section of the video as some said the boy’s life was “sad” but others praised the mother for not being in control, saying the youngster was clearly having fun.

Now Lesley has made a second video where she hits back at the trolls and asks, “what kind of person calls a 10 year old a brat?”

The mother hit back at trolls who criticized her parenthood



The young boy hadn’t left his play area since buying the mini fridge



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In the video, Lesley walks into her son’s bedroom and he can be seen sitting on a cushion under his bed, playing a video game by himself.

She then goes to her play area and points to the fridge, then a trash can full of candy wrappers and an empty drink can sits on top.

The video has been viewed over 800,000 times and there are over a thousand comments on the clip.

One said: “I find it really sad.”

But then someone answered, said, “It’s literally three degrees outside, what do you expect?”

And a third added: “The game is a hobby – my son loves it. We always do stuff outside too, but on the days we’ll be out all day he likes to do that.”

“Why?” asked a fourth. “He’s relaxing, having fun. It’s not like he’s playing games forever.”

The initial video was uploaded on Boxing Day, December 26, and the following day Lesley uploaded another video, in which she responded to a negative comment.

The comment read, “We all know this kid isn’t dating or doing anything but getting lazy while his parents sit around and record for TikTok.”

And Lesley replied, “What kind of person calls a 10-year-old a brat? Shut up about things you clearly don’t know anything about.”

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