New Bluetooth-based ‘Cue’ COVID test unit can transmit results to government agencies for ‘public health surveillance, related purposes’

The new Bluetooth-enabled digital coronavirus test, known as ‘Cue’, has not been cleared or approved by the FDA; but has been cleared by the FDA under an Emergency Use Authorization, or EUA.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – A new Bluetooth-enabled digital coronavirus test, known as “Signal,” is being touted as a quick and efficient way for individuals to regularly test themselves for the virus, as experts predict that COVID-19 – despite the current lull in overall infections compared to this time last year – is highly likely to be here to stay.

The advertisement for Cue facetiously shows the device using its Bluetooth connectivity to “communicate” with other smart devices in a person’s home, such as Amazon Echo and Google Nest; Finally, a young boy awaiting his results shows relief when he tests negative for COVID.

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The Cue website notes that it produces “Reliable, easy-to-use COVID-19 tests with PCR-quality results delivered directly to your mobile device in 20 minutes. No lab visits. No lines. No doubt about your results.

However, after Cue administers his COVID-19 molecular test, he will then transmit the results – positive or negative – directly to several state and federal government agencies for record keeping purposes, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ( CDC), which many users of the device may not be aware of.


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The “Information Sheet for Healthcare Professionals” which is included in the Cue packaging – which most people probably don’t bother to read – indicates that “The Cue Health mobile application (Cue Health App) automatically reports test results in accordance with reporting guidelines from relevant public health authorities.”

Health professionals

Similarly, Cue’s privacy policy states that the unit will report a user’s personal information “to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or other federal and/or state government agencies, as needed for public health surveillance and related purposes.”

Cue Privacy Policy

But – being an all-digital platform – Cue also has serious potential security vulnerabilities; in April, a researcher discovered one that could allow the results of recorded tests to be modified before they were transmitted; this issue has since been discovered and corrected, but additional issues with securing individuals’ private medical records may still exist.

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