New York Yankees relive Bronx Bomber days

It seems everyone is complaining about the new ball this year. Pitchers say they can’t handle it and every ball is different. Batters claim that hitting the ball is like hitting a rolled up sock. However, those concerns don’t seem to be a problem for the New York Yankees.

Only three players have hit at least five homers in five games this season. All three happen to be members of the Yankees – Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Stanton and Anthony Rizzo.

New York Yankees bring back former Bronx Bombers

No one should be surprised that Judge and Stanton made it onto this list. When healthy, they’re two of the most dangerous power hitters in the game, something they’ve proven time and time again in the batting box. That’s certainly been the case this season and they were the Yankees’ top two hitters heading into Tuesday.

The same couldn’t have been said for Rizzo entering the 2022 season. He had been decent with the Yankees in his 49 games last season, but didn’t show he’d be close to being in the same. class than Judge or Stanton.

Then the season started. Rizzo has been an absolute bargain, as he posted 153 OPS+ with ten homers in his 146 plate appearances heading into Tuesday. His OPS+ trails only Judge and Stanton, and his ten home runs are tied with Stanton for second place on the team.

Rizzo seemed to be a perfect fit for New York. He didn’t hesitate to want to come back, which was inevitable before the official signing of the contract. With his presence in the lineup alongside Judge and Stanton, the Bronx Bombers are once again flexing their muscles.

The New York Yankees have the only players to hit five or more home runs in five games. The Bronx Bombers are back despite the new dead ball.

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