Newspaper publishers continue to fail to understand customer loyalty

The marketing approach of newspaper publishers is, in my opinion, selfish and ignorant. Look at these offers from age:

They offer customers discounts far beyond the meager margin made by retailers. They offer the discount by locking you into a service whose performance is spotty at best.

Moreover, their offerings ignore the simplest opportunity to retain customers – the already loyal customer of over-the-counter newspapers.

They could easily offer OTC customers a prepaid offer that achieves the same lock-in, which the publisher wants for its pitch.

If they hadn’t been so disrespectful to the newsagents, they could have worked with the channel for a truly mutually beneficial outcome. Instead, they are looking for underperforming door-to-door delivery at a discount far greater than the wholesale price of paper.

Maybe I’m missing something, but from where I’m sitting the movement seems ignorant.

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