Nintendo Switch Sports Online shuts everyone’s dirty little mouths and it’s awesome

People, I’m a broad. A lady, if you will. Not only that, but I’m also a total wimp, and I’m bad at video games. Combine those things and throw me into the online lobby of a popular shooter in the 2000s, and you have a recipe for disaster. That’s why, in the present, I love Nintendo Switch Sports.

Nintendo Switch Sports came out and I was ready to wave my arms and go into Sports Guy mode. I completely forgot that the game, apart from local play with your friends (who could become your enemies), is only online if you play alone. The thought suddenly came to me: what if I beat someone bowling and they suddenly reveal that they are currently having sex with my mother? What if my football skills are poor and one of my teammates casts a miserable curse on me, forcing me to live a life where my bones are made of worms? And then I remembered something.

Nintendo does not support native voice chat outside of games like Fortnite.

It was a happy day for me, the village idiot. The fear was eradicated, but a new feeling arrived. How much fun would an online game be if there was absolutely no way to communicate with the people you’re playing with? At least that’s what I feel. Journey is to me a great example of online gaming using minimal comms, your only option to make small noises to another person in-game. Nintendo Switch Sports’ version of this are emotes, and I love them.

There are four starting emotes you can use while playing Nintendo Switch Sports online: happy, sad, applause and thumbs up. These are all the perfect responses to situations if you are a polite little boy. To me, that’s what it feels like to play this game: polite. If you’re playing with someone else and they land a good shot against you in badminton, you can do a little sad emote but then clap for them afterwards, and they might just throw you a thumbs up. As you continue to play, you can also unlock new emotes, similar to Mario Party Superstars.

A new way of communication that I also saw the other day was very healthy and came in the form of being able to greet your opponent at badminton.

Isn’t that sweet? Isn’t it nice when everything is going well? Obviously, times have changed and we are seeing a lot more respect within the online gaming scene than in the past. I don’t mean to brag, but it helps that I’m pretty good at Nintendo Switch Sports (although it’s quite easy). But sometimes it can be a relief to have very minimal contact with strangers in a game and only have the option of being a polite little boy.

Outside of minimalist communication methods while playing Nintendo Switch Sports online, the game is great fun both alone and with friends. I feel like I’m in the minority when I say I really like the new character designs, but I think they’re very cute and I love playing sports to get new accessories and outfits . Although I am of the opinion that as Sports WiiNintendo would have benefited from this game being a launch title, I’m having a great time being the bowling master despite being a real stinker when it comes to real bowling.

Maybe one day I’ll play a game with native voice chat, and maybe I’ll even have my sane and polite moments there, but for now I’m having fun clicking furiously the applause emote to let people know they did a great job and I love them.

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