Nintendo Switch Sports Squirrel Says Furry Rights

Nintendo is adding a collection of new reward items to Nintendo Switch Sports this week, including a purple squirrel character as a completion bonus.

Among the new items, used to adapt to other players in online games, are new hairstyles, glasses, lanyards, reactions and clothes. And then there’s a purple squirrel that looks remarkably like a Mii in a fur suit.

nintendo switch sports squirrel

Here’s the full list of new gear, and the squirrel, straight from the Nintendo Switch Sports website:

Completion Bonus: Squirrel Body

Clothing & Accessories

  • Lotus set
  • Lotus hat
  • Tracksuit (Flowers)
  • Round glasses (lime)

Hairstyle/Hair color


  • good luck friend
  • fiery friend
  • surprised friend
  • Nervous friend

Titles 1

Titles 2

  • Robust
  • sauce
  • Costs
  • Produce

These items can be earned in-game until June 1, 2022. After that, they’ll go into the vault and who knows when the purple squirrel will respawn.

As far as I know, this squirrel body is the only expressly non-human avatar in Nintendo Switch Sports. What surprises me is that Nintendo created a new character for this instead of reaching its own stable. I mean Star Fox is to the right the. I’m sure the furry community will appreciate this unexpected portrayal.

Anyway, Nintendo Switch Sports called “fur rights”.

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