Novak Djokovic visa drama: Srdjan Djokovic calls on Queen Elizabeth to intervene, calls Scott Morrison a dictator

Novak Djokovic’s father called on Queen Elizabeth to intervene in his son’s visa drama, calling the prime minister a “dictator”.

Novak Djokovic’s father called Prime Minister Scott Morrison a “dictator” and called on Queen Elizabeth to intervene in his son’s visa drama.

In a speech to Serbian media and translated into English, Srdjan Djokovic said Australia has become a parody of the free world.

This followed false claims by the Djokovic family that Australian authorities were seeking to arrest Novak despite his victory.

“Autocracy has shown its true face today. Contrary to the decision of the independent court of Australia, the dictator Scott ordered the arrest of my son, your world champion, Novak Djokovic, and his deportation, barring him from entering the country for three long years ”, said Srđan Đoković. “The court showed the law existed in Australia, but Scott dared to take justice into his own hands.

“I call on the Queen of Great Britain, Elizabeth, the Head of the Commonwealth, to intervene and protect the human rights of my son Novak Djokovic and to stop the political prosecutions which have been carried out against him since his arrival in Australia”, said Mr. Djokovic said. “I call on all Australians and the whole world to speak out against terrorism and the brutal human rights violations of the world’s best tennis player.

“Australia has become a dystopia, a parody of the free world, they are treating Novak Djokovic, my son, your world champion, like a political prisoner. As a terrorist in Guantanamo Bay. They deprive him of the right to play, of individuality, of freedom of opinion, ”he said. “But I declare publicly: political beasts will not break it! The whole world can now see a fake democracy led by a certain Scott.

“Novak is treated by the Australian government like an enemy of the state, not the best tennis player in the world who has always helped Australia with his philanthropic donations. He is treated by ethnic racists as a lower class citizen, ”he said. “The truth has come out, Australia is ruled by political criminals who do not respect individual rights or court decisions. They don’t respect the decisions of their courts, they don’t respect their legal system.

“To this day Australia is a Banana Republic and my son has taken the cross to make history as Spartacus standing on the last line of freedom defense.

“I call on all non-governmental organizations around the world and all people of good will who believe in justice and democracy, as well as the Queen of Great Britain, to get involved and protect Novak Djokovic from torture of which he is a victim.

Djokovic’s mother Dijana also called yesterday’s win on the pitch “the biggest victory of his career, bigger than any Grand Slam he has won.”

His brother Djordje Djokovic said his brother was already back on the pitch for training yesterday.

“Novak is free. A few minutes ago he was practicing on a tennis court. He came to Australia to play tennis, to try to win another Australian Open, ”he said. “He was branded in different ways for many years and he always supported freedom of choice.”

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