NRA supporters ‘mired in a frothy delusion’, someone is coming for their guns

MSNBC anchor Nicolle Wallace said on her “Deadline” show on Friday that National Rifle Association supporters were “shrouded in a frothy delusion” that someone was coming to confiscate their guns.

Reporting on the protests outside the NRA convention in Houston, Texas, Shaquille Brewster said, “You have these verbal clashes. I didn’t see anything physical. These are just verbal confrontations. You get passion. You get voltage. It’s because both sides, people on both sides see this as a key issue. They see it as a matter of life or death. I spoke to some of the convention attendees. Their hearts are breaking with what you saw with the school shootings this week, but they feel the 2nd Amendment and their protections are most important. They fear that any progress they make if they give up on the age increase to buy a gun, for example, they fear it will turn into something worse, total confiscation. that’s what you’ve heard of the passion on both sides.

Wallace said, “One is passion. The other is illusion, but I know it’s sight.

She added, “If you think a background check will keep you from getting your AR-15, you clearly shouldn’t. If you think waiting until you’re 21 will take you away from your AR-15, that’s just nonsense. One side is the table with the most reasonable policy proposals that are, frankly, quite modest, maybe too modest, but have the support of 85% of the public behind them. The other is shrouded in a frothy illusion that someone is coming to take his weapons.

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