Omicron rumors spread faster than the mutant

The health conditions and the high rates of infection with the “Covid-19” virus around the world have reduced the levels of the spread of rumors and fake news amid hype and exaggeration on the one hand, and underestimation and complacency on the other hand, which the world health organization and independent doctors deemed unacceptable.

Doctors have confirmed that awareness rates will be a decisive weapon in dealing with the virus in the period to come, stressing the importance of obtaining supportive doses against ‘Covid-19’ to ensure the highest degree immunity, especially with the continued emergence of new mutants of the virus. virus, the latest of which is “Omicron”, in addition to applying approved health protocols.

The World Health Organization has warned of the rapid spread of disinformation about new mutants in the virus, noting that fake news is a real challenge that must be faced decisively.

Family medicine specialist Dr Adel Sajwani stressed that “excessive anxiety and exaggerated fear can cause even more dangerous health problems than infection with the virus itself.” the importance of the role that support doses play in enhancing immunity to the virus and alleviating its symptoms and complications in infection, noting that the emergence of mutants has mainly occurred in countries with low vaccination rates.

Sajwani said the United Arab Emirates is one of the highest countries in the world for receiving rates of Corona virus vaccines, whether basic or supportive doses, “By Therefore, nothing justifies a case of undue concern regarding the Omicron mutant, provided they continue to adhere to the preventive measures, which everyone is familiar with, the first of which is wearing a muzzle. ”Maintain sterilization and apply the rules of physical distancing.

In turn, the World Health Organization has warned against misinformation about the mutant Omicron, “which spreads faster than the mutant itself,” noting that “false and misleading information would harm physical health and psychological health and would threaten the health gains that have been achieved in the face of this virus. “

The organization said the vaccine and adhering to precautionary measures are key to breaking the cycle of transmission of the Corona virus, the chances of it mutating become high as its transmission increases between humans, adding that ” there is no confirmed data whether the new mutant, or Micron, has resistance to vaccines, but rather the opposite of Therefore, vaccines are expected to play their role in reducing its effect, even if they do not prevent infection.

• Awareness rates will be a decisive weapon in tackling the virus in the coming period.

• False and misleading information can harm people’s physical and psychological health.

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