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Symptoms of acute otitis media are intense ear pain, often associated with hearing loss.

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The German Association of Otorhinolaryngologists has stated that otitis media occurs when viruses or bacteria from the cavity of the throat and nose reach the middle ear, and this usually occurs during severe colds, because the throat and nasal cavity connect to the ear through the ear canal.

The association added that the traditional cases of infection occur in the case of a cold, because one catches a viral infection, then the mucous membrane of the ear canal swells, and there an additional bacterial infection occurs; In this case, the middle ear does not have sufficient ventilation.

Symptoms of otitis media

Symptoms of acute otitis media are intense ear pain, often associated with hearing loss.

Viral infections can be treated by taking painkillers and anti-inflammatories, while in case of bacterial infections antibiotics are used, if symptoms do not improve after two to three days, to prevent complications .

The association warned that neglecting otitis media can have disastrous consequences. Inflammation may spread to the organ of balance and damage the facial nerve, or “mastoiditis” requiring surgery may develop.

When the infection enters the inner ear, it can lead to hearing loss and can even threaten the patient’s life if it reaches the brain.

Children are more sensitive

Children are more susceptible to acute middle ear infections, and sometimes these infections are due to enlarged tonsils.

Children with these infections can be identified by the appearance of specific signs, including the face appearing drowsy or drowsy, the attempt to keep the mouth open all the time, and the sound of snoring while breathing. To prevent the recurrence of these infections, surgery is often used to remove the tonsils.

To avoid otitis media in the first place, it is recommended to use decongestant nasal drops for colds, while warming the body well.

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