Ottawa police issue warning it’s illegal to damage election signs

Ottawa police are reminding the public that it is illegal to damage election signs, after several candidates in the provincial election campaign reported damage to the signs.

Last weekend, Ottawa Vanier Liberal candidate Lucille Collard said five campaign signs had to be replaced because of “the actions of a few vandals.”

On Friday, Kanara-Carleton NDP candidate Melissa Coenraad posted photos on campaign signs with graffiti, including one saying “Witch.”

“I know art comes in all shapes and sizes, but campaign signs are not canvases,” Coenraad said. “Someone in Constance Bay felt artistic today. Please don’t deface anyone’s campaign signs. We can disagree on politics and still be civil.

Collard’s office said more campaign signs were damaged this week.

Ottawa police issued a statement Friday afternoon warning vandals.

“A reminder that interfering with or damaging election signs is an offense under the Criminal Code of Canada and the Canada Elections Act,” police said on Twitter.

“People can be accused of destroying or damaging signs. Charges may include mischief to property.

Vandalized campaign posters are nothing new during election campaigns in Ottawa.

During the federal election campaign last summer, Liberal and Conservative candidates in Ottawa reported vandalized campaign signs.

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