Parents take advantage of “distance education” to vaccinate their children against “Corona”

Parents of students at different levels of education have stated that they intend to use the distance education period for their children to immunize them against “Corona”. They told “Emirates Today” that the holiday period and children’s desire to enjoy their holidays and social concerns do not give them enough opportunity, considering that “the distance education period offers a golden opportunity to achieve this goal. “

They stressed the importance of making the decision to vaccinate children against the “Corona” virus, as schools that have been vaccinated 85% of all students will be able to resume physical education on the basis of the Blue Schools initiative.

The Ministry of Education and Knowledge announced an increase in the number of students in private schools and partner schools who have received the vaccine against “Covid-19”, noting that 69 schools had achieved a remarkable improvement in the operations of vaccination, and exceeded 50% of the total number of students who received the vaccine.

Private schools have sent letters to the families of students, urging them to speed up the vaccination of their children to reach the target percentage of schools returning to the realistic education system.

The department has set four levels for classifying schools according to the Blue Schools Initiative, distinguishing them by four colors, orange, yellow, green and blue, according to the vaccination at 50 and 64%, and “green” for schools where the vaccination rates varied. between 65 and 84%, and “blue” for schools where the vaccination rate is 85% or more.

The department confirmed that 121,394 students and girls were vaccinated, representing 44% of school students, while the number of teachers and staff vaccinated reached 37,299 people, or 97% of total school workers. , noting that 45 schools have reached the yellow level (19.4% of the total number of pupils). private schools in the emirate), and 22 schools reached the green level (10.1% of the total schools), and two schools reached the blue level (0.9%), while 69.6% of the schools are still at the orange level, where the percentage of students who have been vaccinated has not exceeded 50% of the total I asked.

The department said the Blue Schools Initiative, which it launched last October, aims to encourage more students to get vaccinated and to improve levels of prevention of the spread of the “Covid-19” virus and its variants. Assigned to each school based on vaccination. rate among its students.

Private schools in Abu Dhabi have sent messages to the families of the students, inviting them to take advantage of the distance learning period during the first two weeks of the second semester, to vaccinate their children with the “Covid-19” vaccine in order to to allow schools to return to face-to-face education. She said the school vaccination program is not available for the current semester, requiring a visit to vaccination centers scattered across the emirate, to vaccinate children.

It should be noted that schools that achieve targeted vaccination rates will have benefits including easing physical distancing requirements, relaxing mask requirements, relaxing the school closure protocol, increasing the capacity of classes, increasing the capacity of school buses, travel, resumption of activities within the school campus, and resumption of extracurricular activities, Allow team sports, in addition to allowing the organization of sports activities inside and outside the school campus.

Al Hosn app

The Ministry of Education and Knowledge has included the Blue Schools initiative in the Al-Hosn app and called for updating the app through “App Store” and “Google Play”, and adding the children’s data to personal accounts, so that they can then access updated immunization information in their children’s schools in the dedicated section of the Blue Schools Initiative application.

The ministry stressed that this step aims to increase the transparency of health and safety procedures in schools and to encourage a continuous increase in vaccination rates.

She said details of immunization in schools and classrooms will appear as generalized numbers and percentages, without relating them to student identities, in order to protect their privacy.

The ministry said this responsible and clear use of data will improve levels of transparency and trust and encourage more parents to play their part in promoting the health and safety of the education system.

• 121,000 students in Abu Dhabi received the vaccine against the Corona virus.

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