Peace event aims to make Chicago summer safer

CHICAGO — At 83rd and Coles in South Chicago, a lesson in peace came from those at Epic Academy.

“We live here, we work here, so we want to be invested in the South Chicago community,” Kamesha Hayes said.

At Epic Academy’s ‘Let Their Be Peace’ event, Hayes joined many others on Saturday to make an impact by bringing together games, social resources, food and clothing in a safe space for children and the community.

“Our kids are explorers,” Hayes said. “They are college and career ready. They are invested in the community and they are community leaders.

The event aims to inject positive energy into a neighborhood that so often makes headlines when it comes to crime. One step, supporters say, is to bridge the gap between the police and the community.

“I think it impacts violence by creating more community and more peace comes with more community and those personal relationships,” Hayes said. “We want to have an impact on the community in which we want to invest and be community leaders in this area.”

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