“Pensions” announces the dates of payment of pensions for the year 2022

The General Authority for Pensions and Social Security has announced the dates for payment of pensions to retirees and beneficiaries during the current year 2022, where pensions will be paid on the 27th of each month, except for the month of August which will be paid on the 26th of the month, in addition to February and March and November, which pays his pensions in the 25 of them.

The authority called on all groups benefiting from the exchange to follow their accounts on social networking sites Instagram, Twitter and Facebook on the unified account / GPSSAAE / to see the exchange dates that will be announced based on these dates. on a monthly basis, and to follow up on any development that may relate to the submission of some of their dates. The authority said that providing this data helps improve the quality of life of retirees and beneficiaries by enhancing their ability to prioritize and manage their lives according to deadlines, as well as the use of these monthly resources and l efficiency of their management. and an optimal investment.


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