Penticton RCMP distributed 22 crime prevention notices over the long weekend. – Penticton News

RCMP distribute 22 notices

It was a busy weekend for Constable Penticton RCMP. Dayne Lyons.

Cst. Lyons hit the pavement around downtown Penticton looking for possible crime opportunities.

“The most important thing I saw was bags, money or phones left in view,” the constable said. Lyons. “Although you know your bag is empty and contains nothing of value, a criminal does not know and you are the one left with a broken window.”

Cst. Lyons posted 22 reviews for “goods or money in sight.”

“Car theft can happen to anyone at any time, prevention is the best way to make sure you don’t fall victim to it,” she added.

According to the RCMP, auto crimes cost over $150 million a year.

“Lost victim time, property replacement, insurance deductibles, police and court costs…the list goes on. Prevention is the number one way to reduce these numbers,” the RCMP added in A press release.

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