Peter Dutton will become Leader of the Liberal Party and Leader of the Unopposed Opposition; Nationals frontman Barnaby Joyce faces a leadership challenge; Penny Wong, Chinese Minister of Foreign Affairs, continues her tours of the Pacific; Anthony Albanese cabinet to be sworn in later this week

Incumbent North Sydney MP Trent Zimmerman has acknowledged the Nationals played a role in the Liberals losing inner city seats in the recent federal election.

The moderate liberal, who lost his seat to independent Kylea Tink a fortnight ago, answers questions from Radio National presenter Patricia Karvelas.

Independent Teal Kylea Tink and Liberal Trent Zimmerman.

Independent Teal Kylea Tink and Liberal Trent Zimmerman.Credit:Getty, Kate Geraghty

The first question was about the role Nationals leader Barnaby Joyce was to play in the loss of the Coalition government.

Here’s what Zimmerman had to say:

Oh look, I think there’s a whole host of reasons why we lost a sea of ​​seats like mine. And obviously climate change was one of the key issues.

I think the fact that the leadership of the National Party and individual members of the National Party like the senator [Matt] Canavan wasn’t exactly keen on our net zero commitment and what we needed to do to get there no doubt had an impact on the perception of how serious the government was about climate change. And, especially during the campaign, I thought that the intervention of Matt Canavan [that net zero was ‘dead’] was one of the deadliest times for us.

Even if the [then] prime minister confirmed government policy, there was just an underlying suspicion. at the end of the day, people like Canavan and the hesitation that Barnaby Joyce certainly had throughout the process would prevail, in a way, if we were re-elected.

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