plans ruined for some due to water contact advisories

CORONADO, Calif. – Imperial Beach ocean access in Coronado has been closed again due to continued pollution from the Tijuana River.

County water officials posted the contamination signs on beaches warning prospective swimmers of the dangers of contaminated water.

“Coronado is such a beautiful beach and it’s really unexpected,” said Sofia Martin, a visitor from San Diego.

County health officials recently changed the way they monitor water quality, triggering more closures than in previous years.

City officials pushed back, demanding officials go back to using the old testing system.

Travelers from around the world come to the historic Hotel del Coronado and have been greeted with news of the latest water cuts.

“I was so excited to get in the water. It was a hot day and a hot week and to find out that it got contaminated, it kind of puts me off,” said frequent visitor Shoaib Baqi. ‘island.

For more information on beach closures, click here.

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