PlayStation VR2 could launch in Q1 2023 with around 1.5 million shipments – Analyst


While Sony has yet to date the PlayStation VR2, rumors and analysts have suggested it will launch in the first quarter of 2023. TF International Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo also believes it “could “be launched during the same period. However, their recent supply chain audit also suggests that mass production would begin in the second half of 2022 with around 1.5 million shipments.

On Twitter, Kuo said, “My latest supply chain check suggests that the assembler and several component suppliers of PS VR2 will begin mass production with approximately 1.5 million units shipped in 2H22. Sony may launch it in 1Q23, depending on the development schedule of PS VR2 game titles. Sony recently announced that the VR headset will launch with more than 20 titles from first-party and third-party developers. Kuo believes this will provide him with a “good start” at launch.

“Sony’s position and resources in the game industry can accelerate the development of AAA VR games (for example, Horizon: The Call of the Mountain), benefiting the growth of virtual reality. »

They also talked more about the different suppliers for its components. Six optical modules – consisting of four 720p IR cameras and two eye-tracking cameras – have been implemented, with Genius being the main supplier of aspherical lenses for the helmet. “In the AR/VR/MR era, I believe that Genius’ high ASP controls of Apple’s and non-Apple’s Aspheric Lens, Fresnel Lens, and Pancake will be a robust new engine of growth,” said said Kuo. “Other critical PS VR2 vendors of note include Goertek (assembly), SDC (OLED panel), MediaTek (processor), etc.”

A new State of Play is scheduled for June 2 with PlayStation VR2 titles featured as well as third-party PS5 games. Stay tuned for more details on the presentation in the coming days.

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