Police Won’t Appeal Conditional Drunk Driving Sentence Of Katie Price, “Disappointed” Cops Confirm

Police have confirmed they cannot appeal Katie Price’s suspended sentence for drunk driving following an accident near her home.

The TV personality avoided jail last month when she was given a 16-week suspended prison sentence for the driving offense despite being disqualified and without insurance.

While a judge said she was unable to send Price to jail because she complied with court demands, including attending a rehabilitation center and not committing other offenses, the Sussex police said they were investigating whether the sentence could be appealed.

However, it has now emerged that he will not be appealed, with police calling the result “disappointing.”

A spokesperson told Metro: ‘Following a detailed review by Sussex Police, it was concluded that there was no legal basis for Sussex Police to appeal the sentence inflicted.

” It’s disappointing. We remain absolutely committed to continuing and preventing irresponsible driving behaviors that endanger the safety of everyone on our roads. “

Superintendent James Collis, chief traffic police for Sussex Police and Surrey Police, previously said Price was “extremely lucky not to be spending Christmas behind bars”.

“Given the circumstances and her history of traffic violations, it is clear that she did not take into account the risk of her actions for the general public or the implications for her own family,” said he added.

Price was involved in the collision on September 28 while driving to visit a friend nearby.

The court also heard at the time that Price told police after the crash: “I took drugs, I shouldn’t be driving, I admit it.”

After the conviction last month, Price said she was “incredibly sorry” for her actions, saying: “I am sincerely grateful that no one was hurt – I realize the damage my actions could have caused not only to another family, but also mine. “

“I now spend time getting better – mental health is a hidden illness and can strike anytime.

“The triggers that are causing my anxiety and behavior are something that I try to understand, accept and learn to control as I move forward. “


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