Pope to appoint 21 new cardinals, including 2 Indians, in August

VATICAN CITY: Pope Francis said Sunday he would elevate 21 clergymen, including two Indians, to the rank of cardinal in a ceremony at the Vatican this summer.
Besides the two prelates from India, one from Mongolia, Ghana, Nigeria, Singapore, East Timor, Paraguay and Brazil will be among the clergymen chosen by the pontiff to receive the prestigious red hat, in accordance to its determination to have church leaders reflect the global face of the Catholic Church.
Francis read his choices at the end of his traditional Sunday greetings to the public in St. Peter’s Square. At least 16 of the new cardinals will be under 80 and will therefore be able to vote for the next pontiff in secret conclave.
The pope said he would lead the consistory, as the ceremony for elevating clergymen to the rank of cardinal is known, on August 27.
Other new cardinals are from France and San Diego, Calif., while three are prelates who currently hold leadership positions in the Vatican.

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