‘Proudest day of my professional life’: David Littleproud wins National Championships leadership

An emotional David Littleproud says it’s the “proudest day” of his professional life after defeating Barnaby Joyce to become Nationals leader.

Mr. Littleproud came to leadership after being a deputy under Mr. Joyce and former chief Michael McCormack for more than two years.

It took over two hours for a winner to be declared despite the small party room of 22 people.

“I’m all about the National Party,” he said on Monday.

“Leading a party, that of the last 40 years, in which I believe nothing else.

“It was the National Party that guided me…to who I am and what I am.

“The National Party today begins its journey to 2025 with a dynamic team ready to articulate the policies that matter to regional and rural Australia.”

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