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Chances are your skin and hair care routine is locked down (if it’s not, read this), but what about your soul care routine? We recently watched an interview with soulcare queen Alicia Keys who asked this exact question. Although she mentioned it in connection with her own skin and wellness brand, Soulcare, the practice is clearly close to her heart and something she constantly advocates for. Listening to Alicia inspired us to consider creating our own routine that makes our soul feel nourished, balanced and at peace.

If you’re sitting there thinking, isn’t soul care the same as self care? Touched, we get your point. Self-care is doing something that makes your mind and body feel nurtured, and to some extent, the same goes for soul-care. However, we define soul care as a ritual that makes your soul feel heard, seen and validated, something that fills your cup in a way that goes beyond a feeling of relaxation – it makes you brings inner peace. Soul healing focuses more on your mind and emotions. It gives you the opportunity to connect more deeply with yourself on a spiritual level.

So without further ado, here are some soul healing rituals we practice that have made a significant difference to our well-being, and generally feel good for the soul.

1. Take a sound bath

Sound baths have exploded over the past five years, and for good reason. It is a mediative experience where you are bathed in melodic sound waves created using gongs, singing bowls, percussion and even the human voice. Sound baths can last up to an hour (or even longer) while you typically lie on your back to listen.

If you’re wondering where the magic lies, a 2016 study of 62 adults assessed their feelings before a sound bath and then after a meditation session that included a sound bath. Researchers found that tension, anxiety, and negative moods decreased significantly after therapy. If you’re intrigued by the practice but not ready to commit to an in-person session, there are tons of online courses, like NTM Sound, that offer sound meditative experiences. There are even sound baths on social media (like the one above) to help you feel balanced and invigorated every day.

2. Invest in therapy

Real talk: Therapy is probably one of the most impactful things you can do. It gives you the opportunity to discuss your thoughts, feelings, and fears in a safe space, without judgment or a personalized agenda. It gives you the emotional and mental tools that can help you navigate life in a more peaceful and harmonious way. It can empower and empower you to set healthy boundaries so that you always put your own well-being first and fill your cup, because the reality is that you can’t fill someone’s cup. else if yours is empty.

Although we are aware that therapy is undoubtedly a privilege due to its notorious cost, there are some amazing services that offer free online help like BetterHelp (the world’s largest therapy platform). Alternatively, you can find apps, like MoodMission, that teach you healthy coping mechanisms to ease feelings of anxiety and depression. There are also free 24/7 support lines available worldwide. If you’re worried about yourself or a loved one, don’t hesitate to call.

3. Prioritize laughter every day

We’ve all heard the phrase “laughter is medicine for the soul”, but seriously, it’s the best natural medicine. Studies have shown that it relaxes your body, releases endorphins, protects the heart, and may even help you live longer. So while it may sound weird, make sure you laugh at least once a day, whether it’s calling someone who always makes you laugh, listening to a podcast, or watching a stand-up, prioritize to laughter.

4. Re-energize with crystals

Okay, the subject of crystal healing can be quite controversial – some people swear by it and others think it’s a bit far-fetched. If we’re being honest, for a while we struggled to understand the power of crystals, but ever since we sat down and discussed the concept with healer and shaman, Mama Medicine aka Deborah Hanekamp, ​​we we were discreet obsessed.

So what is it exactly? Deborah explains that crystal healing is simply “taking a moment to connect with how the earth’s minerals calm our senses and restore our spirits, and say thank you to how the earth holds and supports us.” . This may involve holding a specific crystal, using it as part of your meditation or skin care practice, or bathing in water with crystals submerged in water.

Deborah explains how crystals can connect to living beings: “The minerals in your blood and bones actually have their own crystal structures and elements. So, just by connecting with yourself, you can tap into the power of crystal healing. She goes further: “That’s why when we hold crystals, we can have a pulsating feeling of grounding, and this feeling of grounding can be likened to a feeling of trust, which I think is the number one quality to help us feel calm. For more on the practice, check out our guide to crystals 101.

5. Daily Diary

Journaling is one of the most popular self-care rituals, and naturally, it has a place in your soul-care routine too. As soul healing focuses intensely on your emotional state of mind, it can help you get in touch with your deeper thoughts and feelings.

Life coach, global writer and speaker Kira Jean says it can increase creativity, which for many feeds the soul, “Journaling is a practice that can be used in a variety of ways to increase clarity. mental and emotional and fuel creativity. It can be used to reflect on your day and clear your thoughts, or it can be used to dream, create and explore ideas and experiences. To learn more about journaling, see our guide logging with helpful prompts.

6. Discover your love language

Recently, during a team building exercise, the HB friends did a quiz to discover our love language! The term comes from the book “The Five Languages ​​of Love”, which explains that “different people with different personalities give and receive love in different ways”. The quiz helps you figure out how you give and receive love so you can better communicate it with your partner, based on what you learn. The five languages ​​include a personal touch, words of affirmation, acts of service, giving and receiving gifts, and time spent together.

Honestly, this is such transformative knowledge. It may even surprise you! Not only does it have the ability to improve your relationships with others (especially your loved one), but it can also improve your relationship with yourself. With a little thought, you can translate each language into your own soul care. For example, if you know you feel most validated by affirmation words, you can practice affirmation words daily. Likewise, if your love language is physical touch, you might treat yourself to a massage.

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