Rainy weather … low temperatures

Ibrahim Saleem (Abu Dhabi)

Precipitation continued in various parts of the country, ranging from medium to heavy, causing the valleys to flow, as convective clouds formed, accompanied by rainfall of varying intensity over some coastal areas. and inland, with active south-easterly winds, sometimes strong, with speeds of up to 45 km / h. Dust and dust have led to a decrease in horizontal visibility of less than 2,000 meters sometimes over some inland and coastal areas, in addition to a noticeable drop in temperatures in the coming days.
Yesterday’s weather was at times cloudy to cloudy, interspersed with some convective clouds, accompanied by rain of varying intensity, especially over the northern and eastern regions, some coastal areas and the western islands.

The seas were turbulent to very turbulent in the Arabian Gulf, with waves reaching 9 feet in depth, while the Arabian Sea was turbulent, with waves reaching 7 feet in depth.
The National Meteorological Center said the country will continue to be affected by the state of atmospheric instability, as the upper low extending west over the country deepens and approaches, coinciding with a extension of a shallow depression to the south, and the continued flow of clouds from the Red Sea to the country at intervals. Lows are expected to move east on Wednesday and Thursday to improve the situation.

The sky is cloudy
The Center expected the weather to be cloudy today in most parts of the country, with convective clouds, accompanied by rain of varying intensity at intervals and in separate areas, sometimes with lightning and lightning. thunder, and hail falling in some areas.
Cloud amounts are generally expected to decrease on Wednesday and Thursday, and it will be partly cloudy to cloudy at times with a chance of light to medium rain over some coastal and northern areas with a noticeable drop in temperatures.
Winds will be moderate to strong and at times strong, especially with convective clouds.
As for the sea: turbulent to very turbulent sometimes in the Persian Gulf and moderate to turbulent sometimes in the Arabian Sea, in particular with cumulus clouds.


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