Rent proposed for public facilities

Wyndham’s new council draft lease and licensing policy, which proposes to introduce rent for facilities used free of charge by certain community groups, is available for public comment.

The policy outlines how the board proposes to engage with community groups and tenants who use local facilities, in terms of rental and licensing agreements on properties owned or managed by the board, with the exception of rental of occasional rooms; seasonal licensing agreements covered by the Wyndham Sporting Facility User Guide telecommunications agreements; management service agreements; and those where the board is the tenant.

The council proposes to introduce rents of $ 421 per year for community tenants, to be increased annually at a rate comparable to the CPI, based on the income and business activities of each group.

However, this will not apply to groups covered by the Wyndham Sports Facilities User Guide (such as seasonally licensed sports groups) or the Early Years Partnership Framework.

For community tenants occupying council premises who pay no rent (or less than the proposed administrative rent of $ 421 per year plus GST), a three-year phased implementation will be introduced.

There will be no rental changes in the first year of the policy, a 50% charge in the second year (commensurate with the lease or authorized area) and 100% in the third year.

Community tenants may be able to bid when entering into a new lease or licensing agreement arguing for a rent reduction from the council.

Public comments on the draft rental and licensing policy are expected by 11:59 p.m. on Monday, January 31.

Details: or contact Jaci Wagner at Wyndham Council at 9742 0777 or – if you speak a language other that English and need help understanding a board matter, you can contact the telephone interpretation service on 13 14 50.

The telephone interpretation service will coordinate a three-way telephone conversation, during which the council’s customer service agents can provide assistance through the interpreter.

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