Richard Kilty says he will never forgive CJ Ujah for costing GB relay team Olympic silver

Kilty explained how the team “heard nothing” from Ujah for six or seven weeks and they “didn’t have a clue” when the positive test was first disclosed after the Games. “Then we had a Zoom call maybe six weeks ago, and he just said to us that he thinks it was in a supplement,” Kilty added.

“The supplements he was taking were not Informed Sport, which is not following the rules. As a team-mate I feel let down. For the last 20 years of my career – the same as the other two lads – we have worked our asses off. We have followed the rules, in and out.”

Kilty said he felt let down by his team-mate, as he expressed concern over the distress it was causing his loved ones. Initially, Kilty felt unable to leave the house. “It was just exhausting trying to explain myself,” he added.

He now worries about the impact the scandal is having on his young son, as “the kids at school say, ‘Dad has had his medal taken’”.

He said: “I don’t even like dropping him off at school because every parent in the schoolyard [is] talking to me.” Ujah’s version of events deserves little sympathy, Kilty says. “I know for a fact that I’m never going to fail a drug test for two reasons,” he explains.

“One, I don’t take drugs. Two, every supplement and everything that I put into my body, that’s on me and I make sure whatever goes into my body is checked.”

Kilty, 32, also part of the 4 x 100m team who won silver at the World Championships in 2019, will never be able to forgive Ujah. And even if Ujah is given a more lenient ban than is expected, he will not be welcomed back into the British relay set-up.

“What he’s done has been reckless and he’s jeopardized our work,” Kilty said. “Everything has been a team effort. We’ve always done what we’ve done to get to that position to be part of the British 4 x 100 strike four. Now he’s made that mistake I don’t think I’ll ever be able to forgive him because me, Zharnel and Nethaneel have lost a medal at the hands of his mistakes.”

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