Russian plot exposed: Moscow ready to cut ‘essential’ British communications cable | World | News

The commander of Britain’s last flagship aircraft carrier, the Prince of Wales, has spoken of the security challenges posed by an increasingly hostile Russia. It comes as ITV’s Good Morning Britain reported that senior Royal Navy officials fear the Russian submarine is secretly cutting key data cables to the UK in an “act of war”.

ITV chief correspondent Richard Gaisford said: [HMS Prince of Wales] has just become the flagship of NATO’s maritime rapid reaction force, the crew on board will be kept busy.

“Next year they will spend 200 days at sea apparently for training, but the captain tells them that it is an uncertain time in an uncertain world and that they must be prepared for anything.

“At a ceremony on board yesterday, he told me he had never known the North Atlantic to be so hectic.

“His boss warns that Russian submarines could start cutting the data cables that cut the internet to the country and cripple it, which would be an act of war.”

“All this because Vladimir Putin is not happy that Ukraine can become a member of NATO, he does not want Western forces to disturb his border and because of that, send his own troops there”, a- he added.

HMS Prince of Wales Commanding Officer Captain Steve Higham told GMB: “I think it stands to reason that Russia is in the news today, that our hopes and prayers are with the teams working on the diplomatic front, to try to defuse and provide some sort of solution to the challenges facing eastern Europe.

“All of our friends and families know that we are yes, absolutely on the front lines.

“But we are. We have confidence in our equipment and I am incredibly confident in the incredible women and men who have served here at Prince of Wales and who will be ready to respond.”

“I mean, I just learned today from one of my sources that the Russians actually have Spetsnaz, which are military intelligence units inserted and operating in safe houses in the capital Kiev.

“They provide targeting data, they provide movement on what’s going on with the government, they’re already in the country right now.

“So saying they’re waiting for an invasion won’t happen, but Putin is also smart.

“He plays chess and I hope we don’t play checkers,” he added.

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