San Francisco Home Invasion Crime Spree involving Gray Infiniti Stuns Residents – CBS San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — In a series of apparent crimes in San Francisco, several homes in different parts of the city were targeted by burglars within hours involving a gray Infiniti.

William Ton was at home with his mother on January 4 when would-be intruders tried to break in through the 31st Avenue front door in Outer Richmond.

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“As you can see, their objective was to enter through the keyhole opening here,” Ton said, showing KPIX 5 a photo of the damage.

Ton thinks his dog Chewy finally deterred the scammers.

“He barked and yelped all the time and usually when he did that we thought he was trying to bark at other dogs,” he said.

Around the same time, a neighbor’s Ring camera a few houses away captured a gray Infiniti parked out front. A person comes out, goes to the door and knocks.

“I could hear tools banging in his jacket,” Tom Hsieh said. “He came up and knocked on our neighbor’s door and it was all on our video. Luckily he didn’t come in, because they’re locked up old people, they’re a great couple, but they’re old. They must have come to the door because he ran back to his car and then rammed our neighbor four or five doors up.

“I’m shocked, in this neighborhood it’s usually very quiet,” Ton said. “People here are great, and for these guys to just come and do what they want and get away with it, it’s just crazy.”

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One-block security video at 30th Avenue and Fulton Street shows a gray Infiniti backing into the driveway of an apartment complex about 10 minutes later before noon.

Using what appears to be a tool, two suspects break down the door, then a third follows. A resident who was home at the time said he hit three units in about 10 minutes. Video shows the suspects rushing out of the compound with bags in hand.

Earlier in the morning, about five miles away in the Outer Mission/Ingleside neighborhood, a gray Infiniti backs into the driveway. Two sisters were inside at the time. The suspects broke the metal door and forced their way in.

“I hid in the closet because I didn’t really know what to do. I was really scared,” said one of the sisters, who declined to be named for privacy reasons.

Video shows three suspects wearing what appear to be the same clothing running into the getaway car with stolen items.

“They enter our homes like they enter our parked cars in the middle of the night, except they do it in broad daylight,” Hsieh said. “They don’t care if we’re in those houses or not, they don’t care if there are old people or children there. They just walk in and take things. It’s not acceptable at all on all levels and in San Francisco – we all have to say enough is enough.”

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KPIX 5 contacted the SFPD to see if they were investigating these crimes as being related.


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