Saudi Arabia’s defenses intercept and destroy five drones targeting the Kingdom

The Arab coalition said Tuesday morning that Saudi Arabia’s defenses intercepted and destroyed five drones that had been launched towards the kingdom.

The coalition added that the Iranian-backed Houthis launched the attack from Yemen’s capital Sana’a, stressing that it is monitoring all sources of threats to destroy and eliminate them.

He also said operational options were on the table to respond to threats and deter aggressive behavior by the Houthi militia.

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The Arab coalition shared videos of the destruction of three drones launched by Iranian-backed militias towards the southern region of the Kingdom on Sunday evening.

The Coalition claimed to have taken all necessary operational measures to preserve the security of Saudi Arabia, its citizens and residents.

This came hours after announcing that Saudi defenses had shot down and destroyed three drones launched towards Najran.

He also added in a statement that coalition forces have monitored the launch of drones from the Yemeni capital, Sana’a, and how the Houthis have used civilians as human shields.

The Coalition continued to stress that it is taking all necessary operational measures to deal with the sources of threat and to react immediately.

Yemen’s Houthis launched dozens of cross-border airstrikes against Saudi Arabia in 2021. Iranian-backed militia targeted civilian areas and energy facilities across the kingdom with explosive-laden drones and ballistic missiles .

The Arab coalition recently carried out attacks on legitimate Houthi military targets in Yemen, warning civilians not to approach or congregate around targeted sites in advance, and stressing that operations will be conducted with due respect. IHL.

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