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New York has the Museum of Ice Cream, London has the Selfie Factory, and soon Canberra will have the Selfie Museum. Months in the works – with COVID throwing a few curveballs into the mix – the Selfie Museum is expected to open in a few weeks. But first of all, what is the Selfie Museum? It is essentially a place filled with facilities designed to provide visitors with a setting to pose for photographs. Each installation is designed with color and fun in mind, crying out not only for photos to be taken, but also to post them on social media. In recent years, places like the Selfie Museum have popped up across the world, the most famous of which is the Museum of Ice Cream in New York. They usually feature colorful backgrounds, oversized props, and sometimes even optical illusions. “Selfie rooms have sprung up everywhere and Canberra is always lacking in everything so that’s the key to opening one here. We’re just trying to have fun here and make sure Canberra doesn’t miss out on it,” said a spokesperson for the company behind Selfie Museum told Curiousfox. Inside the Selfie Museum, it’s almost a labyrinth made up of thumbnails. And with every little decor, there is a lot of color and fun. There are giant donuts, big ice cream and lots of confetti. For those celebrating birthdays, the giant cake could be their photo prop of choice. There are also flowered walls and telephone booths, neon lights and banners. And if you’ve always wanted to know what 800 rubber ducks look like when hung on the wall, this is the place. What will be revealed in the coming weeks, however, is only the tip of the iceberg. There are already plans to expand the space and swap facilities to keep things cool. READ MORE: “It’s so easy to come up with ideas. There are so many ideas floating around the internet,” the spokesperson said. “It’s about figuring out how much space you need to do everything and how much space do you need to be able to fit everything into the frame. It’s all based on the cameras on the phones because that’s what that most people will have, but hopefully we’ll have some professional photographers coming in, and we even hope to have professional photographers available for hire for the super passionate people. That’s the long term goal. ” For those who want a photo to get the perfect shot, they need to reserve a time slot for the Selfie Museum, each of which has limited capacity. For $ 35, you get an hour to take photos at your leisure. There are about 35 different photo opportunities, so that comes down to about $ 1 per photo. There is also the option of reserving the entire Selfie Museum for parties or private photoshoots. “It’s just a great opportunity to get some cool photos. And they last a lifetime, so why not?” The spokesperson said. To stay up to date with Selfie Museum opening day, visit or find @selfiemuseum on Instagram. up-to-date news to the community. Here’s how you can continue to access our trusted content:



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