“Sharjah Private Education” emphasizes that the student should stay at home if he feels ill

The Sharjah Private Education Authority has stressed the need for any student or school staff to stay home, in case they feel ill, in order to keep all students and workers safe in education, and to prevent them from getting infected with the “Corona virus.

In a recently published circular, the authority called on school leaders to approach parents of students and all school staff so that they comply with the guidelines to stay at home in the event of the occurrence of the disease. sickness.

And he identified a number of cases in which the student should not go to school, including obtaining a positive result on the “PCR” test and in the event that he had been in contact with a person confirmed to be infected with the Corona virus. , and if any of its symptoms appear, including fever (temperature is 37 or higher). Above), dry cough, body aches, sore throat, diarrhea or vomiting, inflammation of the eyelids, headache, loss of smell or taste, difficulty in breathing. The authority said that if a sick student attends school, four steps will be taken with him, on the one hand, the student with symptoms will not be allowed to board the bus or enter the school , and on the other hand, the student who has symptoms will be taken during school hours to the isolation room, and third, the student must The student’s tutor receives him within 30 minutes of receipt of the medical team’s notification call, if the student’s state of health is stable, and if not stable, an ambulance is called, and fourth, if the student is suspected of ‘be infected with’ Corona ‘, based on Ministry of Health and Community Protection criteria, he will be asked to take a Corona test, and he will not be allowed to be in the school until submit a negative result. She said precautionary measures are applied to students, school staff and workers, supervisors and bus drivers.

On the other hand, private schools in Sharjah have notified their students to transfer all students’ studies to the distance education system as a precaution, on specific days.

School principals confirmed that they continue to monitor developments and take appropriate action to keep students safe.

For its part, the Sharjah Private Education Authority offered private schools in the emirate the possibility of making the appropriate decision to switch to the “virtual” distance education system, temporarily and for a period of 48 hours (two days of school), as part of the procedures for handling “Covid-19” cases at school. .

She said distance learning is an option available to parents of students until further notice.

• The authority has identified cases in which the student should not go to school, including a positive PCR test.

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