Snow in the UK: Snow arrives as Britain will be blown by winter cold, maps show | Weather | News

High pressure is expected until at least Wednesday January 26, caused by a jet stream blowing easterly from the Atlantic Ocean.

On Saturday the high will gradually begin to move towards mainland Europe according to Alex Deakin of the Met Office.

Showers will be likely in the northwest and southeast Saturday evening.

Another jet stream coming this time south of Greenland will bring potential fog and frost early next week.

There is a possibility of southerly and northerly winds early in the week.

Strong winds are expected to emerge in the northwest due to the emergence of higher pressure on Thursday January 20th.

This will allow colder air to enter across the country, particularly Scotland, Northern Ireland and northern England.

According to WXCharts, this is unlikely to last, with relatively dry weather forecast for next weekend.

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“A frosty start for the southern half of the UK, but temperatures generally near average, even mild in the north. However, the northerly winds will sometimes bring quite a significant cooling factor.

“The only places that seem to see wintry showers are really the highest ground in Scotland, at least for the next week.”

John Gresiak, senior forecaster at AccuWeather, agreed there could be freezing weather in some areas by the end of the month.

He said: “A model suggests colder weather from the 28th to the 30th of the month with the potential for gusty winds and rain and snow showers.”

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