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Click to enlarge The April 14 front page of El Central Hispanic News announces a new owner.  - COURTESY PHOTO

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The April 14 front page of The center Hispanic News announces a new owner.

After more than 33 years, the founder and publisher of The center Hispanic News, Dolores Sanchez, has passed on and sold her business to Eva Garza Dewaelsche and her husband Robert.

Based in southwest Detroit, The center Hispanic News was a pioneer of local bilingual and Hispanic cultural news. The award-winning publication is Michigan’s oldest and only bilingual newspaper.

The newspaper announced the new owner on April 14.

The center Hispanic News is an institution in our Southwest Detroit community and in the Hispanic community across the state,” Robert said. Metro timetables.

The paper will remain a Hispanic, women’s business with Eva Garza as majority shareholder and publisher, while Robert will hold a minority stake and serve as editor.

Over the years, Robert says his family has always had countless copies of the newspaper at home, so they know its value firsthand.

“We knew that after 33 years of publication, the paper’s founder and editor, Dolores Sanchez, would be thinking about what happened next, so we approached her to ask about her plans,” he says. “After some consideration on both sides, we have reached an agreement to purchase the newspaper to continue its contributions and legacy to our community.”

Sanchez started his business not only to inform the local community about current events, but also to promote and improve the image of Hispanics and Hispanic-owned businesses.

The new owners say they aim to continue the sections of the paper that readers enjoy and find useful, including its bilingual English/Spanish content and its focus on local news and current affairs.

“At the same time, we plan to expand the readership,” says Garza. “The biggest change is that we plan to go digital as soon as possible to make the newspaper accessible online through a brand new website and regular free subscriber emails.”

Sanchez says she is thrilled to pass on the newspaper’s legacy to the Dewaelsche family.

“I was very happy to learn that Eva Garza Dewaelsche and her husband Robert were interested in carrying on the legacy of The center Hispanic News, because they are both from our community and committed to making it a better place for everyone who lives and works here,” Sanchez said in a press release. “I am very confident that they will maintain the integrity of The center News and the important role the newspaper plays in keeping our people informed and helping to celebrate their accomplishments. »

The newspaper is a free publication funded entirely by advertising revenue. Sanchez will remain active with the newspaper as founder, editor emeritus, and director of advertising and sales.

“We have already started reaching out to local residents and representatives of businesses and nonprofits to provide even more original content and discuss issues important to our readers,” says Dewaelsche. “We would love to be able to engage the next generation to learn more about the field of journalism and hone their journalistic skills.”

As long-term residents and business people working in southwest Detroit for most of their adult careers, Robert and Eva say they enjoy being part of the community.

“We love the culture, the food, the music and the camaraderie of the people we meet every day in Southwest Detroit,” says Garza. “Nowhere else in our great city will you find a more vibrant, diverse and collaborative community.”

Over the next few months, the publication will launch a brand new website and boost its social media presence. The new team also plans to include many other original articles and features contributed by local writers.

Mariana Garcia, 52, of Detroit, says she’s glad the paper continues to serve her community.

The center has been around for a long time, you know, so it’s good to see there will be improvements to the journal,” Garcia says. “I can’t wait to see all the wonderful [things] what’s going on with that.

Robert says the goal is to keep The center part of the community for many years to come.

“Our overall goal is to preserve the voice of local Hispanic leaders and families,” says Dewaelsche, adding, “Ultimately, after a few years, we would like to hand over the reins of this news media organization to an employee or to a community-business that will be lasting for generations because of the vital role this publication plays in our community.

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