Storm in Ottawa: Here’s what we know about Monday’s return to school

Ottawa’s English and Catholic public school boards say all schools that have electricity will be open for classes on Monday.

Hydro Ottawa crews continued to make progress throughout the weekend restoring power to thousands of customers in Ottawa. On Saturday evening, 16,000 homes and businesses remained without power.

Here’s a look at plans for Monday’s back-to-school season.


The Ottawa Catholic School Board says schools will be open for in-person learning on Monday if they have the power.

As of 6 p.m. Saturday, only four Catholic schools were without power. The schools are:

  • Our Lady of Peace
  • Sacred Heart
  • Saint Gregory
  • Saint Monica

The Ottawa Catholic School Board says schools, with the exception of St. Monica, will be open Monday if power is restored to buildings by 3 p.m. Sunday. However, there will be no transportation of students to these schools on Monday.

Saint Monica School

St. Monica School will remain closed Monday, even if power is restored this weekend.

The council said on Friday the school would reopen to all pupils and staff the day after power was restored.

St. Monica’s School suffered extensive roof damage in the May 21 storm.

“The roof is secure, covered and inspected by engineers. The building itself is considered safe for the return of students and staff,” the board said of St. Monica’s school.

“The water damage is limited to the gymnasium and two classrooms. This school section will be cordoned off for the remainder of the school year to allow for repairs and improvements, including the installation of an air conditioning unit. for the gym.”


The Ottawa Carleton District School Board said it expects all schools except Castor Valley to be open on Monday.

In the event of a power outage, schools without electricity from 3 p.m. Sunday will switch to distance learning.


The Ottawa School Transportation Authority says school bus service on Monday will be based on schools opening from 2 p.m. on Friday.

“There will be no changes to transportation plans over the weekend, even as more schools get power,” OSTA said.

Details on school bus route cancellations are available on the Ottawa School Transportation Authority website. will update this story as more information becomes available.

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