Sue Gray report reveals partygate ‘we got away with it’ brag

Hundreds of photographs were obtained by Sue Gray during her investigation, but her final document only contains nine of a total of two events, which you can view here.

Robert Mendick analyzes what is in the images – and the others that are conspicuous by their absence.

A party at the Downing Street flat, at which Carrie Johnson and her friends were reported to have played loud Abba music, was not thoroughly investigated by Ms Gray because she concluded that it would not be “appropriate or proportionate” to do so.

Camille Tominey suggests that Ms. Gray’s report is disappointing and that Mr. Johnson lives to fight another day.

Juliet Samuel analyzes how the Met relieved Mr Johnson at every turn.

“Authorized Narcissists”

Hours after the report was delivered to Downing Street, the Prime Minister told MPs in the Commons he took “full responsibility” for the partygate scandal.

He said he had been “humbled and I learned a lesson”. Read his statement in full here.

In response, Sir Keir Starmer said Sue Gray’s report ‘laid bare the rot that under this Prime Minister had spread to Number 10’, while former Labor Secretary Chris Bryant accused Mr Johnson of having turned Downing Street into a “sink”, full of “arrogant, narcissistic titles”.

Nick Timothy warns Tory MPs will fall with the Prime Minister if they wait too long to unseat him.

At a press conference, Mr Johnson was repeatedly asked about numerous examples of cleaning and security staff being treated with disrespect, to which he said he apologised.

Iain Dale says the mistreatment of Downing Street cleaners is utterly shameful.

Six scenarios

Mr Johnson’s aides and Tory MPs will now play war on the possible outcomes of Ms Gray’s report.

Even if Mr Johnson continues to fight, there are several moments of danger ahead over the next few days, weeks and months that could still hold his future in his hands.

Gordon Rayner examines the six possible scenarios that could play out before an election in 2024.

Janet Daley analyzes why, despite the publication of the partygate report, it is far from over for Mr Johnson.

Commentary and analysis

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