Summer mood for Memorial Day

Latest forecast update from meteorologist Rob Lindenmuth:

ALBANY, NY (NEWS10) – A great day for Sunday, we saw plenty of sunshine, a light breeze and temperatures near 80 with low humidity levels. We will start to get a more summery feel for Memorial Day as temperatures climb towards 90 degrees with a slight increase in humidity levels.

The high will begin to reorient overnight tonight and into the day on Monday this will begin to develop a southwesterly wind flow which will help raise our temperatures through Monday afternoon. This will also allow the humidity levels to rise, although I think they will still be quite manageable for Monday afternoon.

Monday will feature partly sunny skies with temperatures in the upper 80s to near 90s with moderate humidity levels. We can’t totally rule out one or two stray showers, particularly north of Albany, however, this threat will be very limited, not expecting widespread showers at this time.

Tuesday will be the hottest of this current period of very hot weather, temperatures will warm into the 90s for many with higher humidity levels, we expect heat index temperatures to approach the mid 90s. Just a reminder to take lots of breaks if you need to be outdoors and of course don’t forget to stay hydrated! Like Monday, we cannot rule out a stray shower in the afternoon, however, this coverage should remain rather limited.

This pattern will likely begin to break down on Wednesday. A cold front moving in from the west will likely bring showers and storms, although the timing of those storms is still uncertain. If it occurs in the late afternoon into the evening, temperatures will likely be higher than current forecasts and storms will have a chance to intensify.

However, if it happened earlier, the temperatures would be slightly cooler and we would have a lower serious threat. Currently, the Storm Prediction Center highlights the area with a 15% chance of severe storms on Wednesday, so we will continue to monitor trends.

Behind this feature we will become less humid for the end of the week with slightly more seasonal temperatures for early June with temperatures in the 70s heading into next weekend. Have a great week and stay cool for Memorial Day! -rob

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