Symptoms of the Omicron variant: The first thing to do when you feel symptoms

The Omicron variant continues to rise across the United States, requiring millions of Americans to be tested for COVID-19.

  • But there are not many tests at the moment. What should you do?

Epidemiologist Dr. Michael Mina, a telemedicine doctor at eMed, told CNN you need to take immediate action.

  • “The bottom line is that when you feel symptoms, assume you’re positive at this point, especially when Omicron is so common,” Mina said.

I said people can take a quick test and see a faint line in it indicating a positive infection. But even a mild infection is still a COVID-19 infection.

  • “Does that mean you’re going to walk into a room and be a superspreader? No. But does that mean you should go to your 90-year-old grandmother and hug her? I’d say no, I wouldn’t do that. positive in these tests, “Mina told CNN.

A recent study – the Norwegian Institute of Public Health and the Department of Microbiology at Oslo University Hospital in Oslo, Norway – looked at how quickly a variant of omicron can spread.

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