Sri Lankans Make Crypto Ponzi Scam Claims | Business and Economics News

Colombia, Sri Lanka-When 37-year-old Harshana Pathirana quit his job in the hospitality industry, sold his car and invested in what he believed to be cryptocurrency, he dreamed of making a fortune, especially as the economy around him was collapsing. More than a year later, with the tourism sector struggling in the face of Sri Lanka’s … Read more

GoFundMe scammer who used homeless vet’s story gets 5 years

A New Jersey man who made up a story about a homeless veteran helping his then-girlfriend and used the story to solicit more than $400,000 in online donations was sentenced to five years in prison on Friday. ‘State. Mark D’Amico had pleaded guilty in December 2019 and admitted to concocting the feel-good story in late … Read more

Miami Michelin Restaurant Winners Targeted in Google One-Star Cybercrime Scam

For decades, if not centuries, people have relied on word of mouth when it comes to recommendations for goods and services. In the 21st century, crowdsourcing sites like Tripadvisor, Yelp, and Google have become hubs for sharing user reviews, helping guide us to everything from hair salons and hardware stores to martini bars and doctors. … Read more

Cryptocurrency adds to the problems of the modern internet

From increased cybercrime to excessive energy consumption, cryptocurrency is adding to the problems already faced by the global web, writes Paul Budde. I WOULD LIKE TO SHARE an article written by my Dutch friend and colleague, Fred Kappetijn. In its early years, the Internet was a network of networks on which a person with a … Read more

Army soldier’s plea cast aside in defense of internet fantasy chat

NEW YORK — An army soldier accused of plotting to murder members of his unit overseas with the help of a violent, secretive anarchist group was planning a defense calling it all an internet fantasy before pleading guilty just before the trial, according to court records. Plans for Ethan Phelan Melzer’s defense were revealed in … Read more

Spain detects Pegasus spyware on phones of Prime Minister and Minister of Defense | Cybercrime News

Authorities say the phones of the two senior officials were tapped during an “unlawful and external intervention” last year. Spanish authorities have said the mobile phones of Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez and Defense Minister Margarita Robles were tapped using Pegasus spyware as part of an “illicit and external” intervention. “This is not an assumption, these … Read more