How to Get High: 5 Ways to Enjoy Your Weed

One of the best things about cannabis is its versatility. Every day, cannabis enthusiasts around the world enjoy THC and CBD products in various forms. In this article, we highlight the five most popular ways to enjoy marijuana. edible Whether you like baked goods, gummies, or even salt to sprinkle on your dinner, there are … Read more

How Trump’s bogus 2016 election claims paved the way for 2020 conspiracies

“Reince,” Spicer would tell his longtime colleague, “the president has the right people around him and we can control him.” Priebus was less sure. Spicer’s first press briefing was scheduled for Monday. This Saturday, the first full day in the West Wing, was for staff members to move in and figure out how to operate … Read more

COVID’s Ground Zero, Spring 2020: A doctor, a hospital, and a traumatized New York

Granted full access to the New York Presbyterian/Weill Cornell hospital system (from CEO to maintenance teams), the author – a vanity lounge writer at large – crafted a saga of bravery, ingenuity and loyalty amid horrific conditions in one of the world’s greatest hospitals as he battled COVID (from America’s first reported case to the … Read more