11 separate shootings in Philadelphia leave 2 dead, 10 others injured: police – CBS Philly

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Philadelphia police are investigating 11 separate shootings from Friday night through Saturday that left two dead and 10 injured. A 22-year-old woman has been killed in a double shooting in Kensington, police say. The shooting occurred in the 200 block of East Tioga Street. READ MORE: Abortion rights advocates rally to protest … Read more

What’s in US President Joe Biden’s bipartisan gun violence bill? | Explanatory news

The new law is the most sweeping gun violence bill in decades and follows a series of mass shootings across the United States. US President Joe Biden has signed into law the most sweeping gun violence bill in decades, a bipartisan compromise that seemed unimaginable until a recent series of mass shootings. Citing the families … Read more

Governor Hochul applauds Biden’s gun violence bill

NEW YORK (WWTI) — On Saturday, President Joe Biden signed a historic gun violence bill into law in response to the mass shootings that have taken place across the country. Most of its $13 billion cost will help bolster mental health programs and help schools. Hochul reminds legislature on gun control The legislation will strengthen … Read more

US President Joe Biden signs landmark gun safety bill: ‘Lives will be saved’ – National

President Joe Biden on Saturday signed the most sweeping gun violence bill in decades, a bipartisan compromise that seemed unimaginable until a recent series of mass shootings, including the massacre of 19 students and two teachers. in an elementary school in Texas. “Lives will be saved,” he said at the White House. Quoting the families … Read more

Sale of tacos under-regulated in the United States

Again, in America, Mexicans roamed the streets thinking they could just go ahead and sell tacos to the hungry. You can’t decide to sell tacos like that, not here in ‘Murica. No, not at all, you would need to go through a rigorous process of certification, security checks and documentation to ensure the complete safety … Read more

US Senate passes bipartisan gun safety bill, first in decades | Gun Violence News

The US Senate has approved a bipartisan set of modest gun safety measures as the nation’s Supreme Court has broadly expanded gun rights by ruling that Americans have a constitutional right to carry handguns in public to defend. Thursday’s Senate action and Supreme Court decision, which passed its conservative majority, illustrate the deep division over … Read more

US Senate passes most significant gun bill in decades following mass shootings – National

The US Senate on Thursday easily approved a bipartisan gun violence bill that seemed unthinkable a month ago, setting up final approval for what will be Congress’s most ambitious response in decades to the series of brutal mass shootings in the country. After years of GOP procedural delays that derailed Democratic efforts to limit guns, … Read more

Liberal states pledge to protect gun control laws from Supreme Court ruling

LOS ANGELES: The governor of California called Thursday’s (June 23) Supreme Court ruling “reckless” that could have a dramatic impact on half a dozen US states with strict wearable laws fire arms. Gavin Newsom, who oversees the most populous state in the union, and one with some of the most restrictive gun rules, said the … Read more

Supreme Court expands gun rights, with nation divided

WASHINGTON (AP) — In a major expansion of gun rights after a series of mass shootings, the Supreme Court said Thursday that Americans have the right to carry guns in public for self-defense, a move likely to lead to more people who are legally armed. The decision came as Congress and states debate gun control … Read more

2 suspects arrested in connection with murder of Philadelphia teenager Sean Toomey, police say – CBS Philly

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Two suspects are in custody in connection with the shooting death of 15-year-old Sean Toomey in northeast Philadelphia. Police have identified one of the 17-year-old suspects as Daniel Gardee. The teenager was shot dead in the 6200 block of Mulberry Street in Wissinoming on the night of Thursday, March 24. READ MORE: … Read more