Sex advice: Nadia Bokody says sex without a condom is on the rise but the risks are high

There is a common trend with condoms that is dangerous and is only gaining popularity among young Australians. “As if you were getting a massage while wearing a winter coat.” It’s an analogy that’s not unfamiliar to many men, and part of a stand-up comedian, Ari Shaffir, became infamous for recounting his experiences with condoms. … Read more

Nadia Bokody on the darker side to married couples domestic sex trend

Married women have been sharing their “turn ons” online – but there’s nothing sexy about this popular TikTok trend, says Nadia Bokody. I’m worried about straight women. Every time I think I’ve written the last column I’m going to write about this, the bar for the men who partner with them sinks to an abysmal … Read more