Israeli foreign minister slams EU’s Borrell for Iran outreach – Reuters

Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid lambasted EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell over a visit to Tehran aimed at reviving talks on the Iran nuclear deal, to which Israel has long opposed and sought to undermine in every possible way. As a courtesy, Borrell contacted Lapid ahead of his visit to Tehran, where on Saturday … Read more

Germany raises gas alert level

June 24, 2022 1:05 a.m. Germany raised the ‘alert level’ on Thursday as part of its contingency plan to secure gas supplies in response to Russian supply shortages, but did not allow facilities to charge customers higher energy prices.Falling gas flows from Russia raised fears this week that Germany could stagnate if Russian supplies were … Read more

10 European countries at the mercy of Russian gas

European Union climate chief France Timmermans said ten European Union member states have so far been hit by gas supply cuts from Russia, while the bloc faces a deep quarrel with Russia over energy. Russia cut gas flows through the Nord Stream 1 pipeline to 40% of the line’s capacity last week, citing equipment problems, … Read more

African Agency: Green energy costs as much as building a few gas stations

* 25 million people will be without electricity due to Covid in 2021* Africa has 60% of solar energy resources and only 1% of installations* 80% of potential energy sources come from wind, dams and geothermal energy* Africa needs $25 billion a year to switch to renewable energy40% of strategic minerals are found in AfricaThe … Read more

Germany unveils new measures to reduce natural gas use – POLITICO

Germany announced on Sunday that it will reduce gas consumption and store as much natural gas as possible through a new set of measures, including increased use of coal-fired power plants. “We will reduce gas consumption in the electricity sector and industry and push the filling of storage facilities. Depending on the situation, we will … Read more

An Egyptian-Israeli-European agreement to export gas

Shaaban Bilal (Cairo) Yesterday, Egypt, Israel and the European Union signed a tripartite memorandum of understanding on cooperation in the field of trade, transport and export of natural gas between the three parties under the aegis of the Forum of the Eastern Mediterranean gas.The memorandum of understanding, which was signed on the sidelines of the … Read more

U.S. natural gas contracts close at 13-year high

U.S. natural gas futures jumped more than 9% to a 13-year high on Monday on expectations of a bigger-than-expected increase in demand, lower production , an increase in liquefied natural gas exports and record electricity demand in Texas. This week, electricity demand in Texas is expected to exceed a record high. Gas contracts for July … Read more

Call on Australia to pull the gas trigger amid fears of ‘apocalyptic’ price hikes

Australian businesses are already collapsing due to a looming crisis, with some now calling on the government to take extreme measures to avoid ‘apocalyptic’ price rises. Australians will soon feel the pain of soaring petrol prices and fears of “apocalyptic rises” have prompted Albania’s new government to react in an extreme way. Pressure is growing, … Read more

After Orbán, Hungary skips Russian oil ban – POLITICO

Press play to listen to this article In their fight against Russia’s war in Ukraine, EU leaders surrendered to Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán – capitulating to his demands and granting Budapest a near-total exemption from a new Russian oil embargo. The collective submission to Orbán, who spent 26 days obstructing the proposed ban, allowed … Read more

Russia to cut gas to Finland on Saturday: Finnish company

Vladimir Putin has hit back against a fresh push from a neighboring country as tension mounts in Europe. Russia’s natural gas supply to Finland will be cut off on Saturday morning, Finland’s state-owned energy company Gasum said on Friday, after the Nordic country refused to pay its supplier Gazprom in rubles. “It is very unfortunate … Read more