No, Australia hasn’t done well in dealing with COVID-19

Recently, many politicians and others have commented that Australia has done well in handling the COVID-19 pandemic. For example, MP Josh Frydenberg said in a statement: “Australians are world beaters. We have one of the highest vaccination rates in the world, the lowest death rates in the world, and one of the strongest economic recoveries … Read more

North Korea fights Covid with painkillers, lockdowns and TV health segments

North Korea is facing a spike in fever cases after reporting its first local Covid-19 infection in mid-May. The WSJ examines Kim Jong Un’s strategy to fight the pandemic in the impoverished country, which has little testing capacity and an unvaccinated population. Pictures: KCTV; RST/AFP

The curious way Covid and the monkeypox outbreak could be linked

Monkeypox continues to spread in the UK, with 78 confirmed cases. And now some scientists have suggested there may be an indirect link to Covid. Monkeypox has been identified in England and Scotland, but as of May 24 no cases had been identified in Wales or Northern Ireland. Other cases have been found in 19 … Read more

Johnson takes full responsibility for Sue Gray’s report

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he took “full responsibility” for breaches of COVID-19 restrictions after the publication of a final report into gatherings held in Downing Street in 2020. In the report, the Author Sue Gray said many things “shouldn’t have been allowed to happen” and Downing Street senior management “must take responsibility for … Read more

War not Australia’s biggest security threat

The Morrison government had heightened the fear of war and the threat from China, but there are far more critical things to fear, writes Dr Graeme McLeay. SINCE POLITICIANS like to say they “protect you”, it is reasonable to ask, ” Enough to ? » More often than not, what we should feel in danger … Read more

How Americans view the state of the pandemic

A recent poll shows that many Americans believe the COVID-19 pandemic is not over, but their day-to-day activities and decision-making are back to where they were before the pandemic began. A Gallup poll released on Monday showed that 66% of Americans said the pandemic is not over. Yet a significant third of respondents (34%) believe … Read more

Should you buy now and pay later?

When the Federal Reserve Bank of New York released its household debt report, the numbers were mind-boggling. Total household debt in the first quarter of the year rose 1.7% to $15.84 trillion, bringing balances to “$1.7 trillion more than at the end of 2019, before the COVID-19 pandemic”. Jill Schlesinger Details showed big jumps in … Read more

Is this North Korea’s response to Dr. Fauci?

A little-known official, Ryu Yong Chol, has become the public face of the country’s battle against its first confirmed COVID-19 outbreak, appearing daily on television to brief the public on health measures. North Korea’s new media strategy of apparent openness on COVID appears to deviate from the norm for the usually secretive state. Louisa Naks … Read more

North Korea faces health catastrophe from Corona virus and refuses to get vaccines from abroad – BBC News BBC Homepage

North Korea faces health disaster from Corona virus and refuses to get vaccines from abroadBBC News Arab How does North Korea fight Corona with traditional medicines and herbs?Masrawy – Masrawy Corona Virus: How is North Korea fighting the epidemic with traditional medicine?bbc arab See full news coverage on Google News