Toronto’s shelter system is turning down record numbers

The average number of people turned away each day from homeless shelters in Toronto was about 10 times higher in June than it was a year earlier, according to new statistics from the city. Numbers from the Central Admissions Accommodation System, a city-run 24/7 helpline that offers referrals to emergency accommodation and information about other … Read more

One arrested after chaos erupted at Los Angeles City Council meeting over homeless encampments

Chaos erupted during a meeting of the Los Angeles City Council on Tuesday, August 9, during a discussion of a proposal to ban homeless encampments next to schools and daycares in the city. A live stream from LA City Clerk shows the chamber pews filled with members of the public who opposed the proposal. During … Read more

3 dead in shooting at Narcotics Anonymous meeting in Florida

EDGEWATER, Florida — A man went to a Narcotics Anonymous meeting in Florida and shot and killed his ex-girlfriend and her friend before turning the gun on himself, police said Tuesday. Quinton Hunter brandished the gun shortly after entering Monday night’s meeting, Edgewater Police Chief Joseph Mahoney said at a news conference on Tuesday. About … Read more

Mayor Blasts Governor of Texas – NBC New York

What there is to know New York City says its housing system is collapsing under the influx of asylum-seeking migrants sent from border states, though critics say the problems with the housing system are more complex After a war of words between Texas and New York officials, Texas Governor Greg Abbott said Aug. 5 that … Read more

A man’s story of trauma and transformation

When a trusted adult abuses a child, the cumulative trauma of the decades of silence that often follow such an injury is clearly detrimental, because Gerry Georgatos knows first hand. *CONTENT DISCLAIMER: This article is about sexual assault THREE YEARS ago I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Only one in about 300 Australians lives with … Read more

NYC shelter stabbing leaves man dead, one under arrest

A man has been arrested for a fatal stabbing at a Manhattan homeless shelter, police said. The deadly episode took place shortly after 2 p.m. Saturday in a room at the Christopher on West 24th Street in Chelsea, police said. The 62-year-old victim was stabbed once in the chest following an argument, officers said. He … Read more

GoFundMe scammer who used homeless vet’s story gets 5 years

A New Jersey man who made up a story about a homeless veteran helping his then-girlfriend and used the story to solicit more than $400,000 in online donations was sentenced to five years in prison on Friday. ‘State. Mark D’Amico had pleaded guilty in December 2019 and admitted to concocting the feel-good story in late … Read more

A sequel offer: why some are still paying low and low rents

Also in this series: Housing warm, warm In the summer of 1999, Renee Bernard cruised Vancouver’s Mount Pleasant looking for a place to rent. Announcements, events and more from Tyee and selected partners Tyee’s 2022 Summer Reading List Our top recommendations for your TBR stack. It was a different market back then, with a healthy … Read more

MMA fighter arrests NYC assault suspect in Soho

A mixed martial arts fighter has sprung into action to subdue a homeless man who allegedly attacked people in the heart of Manhattan’s Soho shopping district. Ro Malabanan, who has a black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and a yellow belt in judo, was on his way to work as a boxing instructor last Wednesday morning … Read more

Gough had the guts to get things done

As we approach the 50th anniversary of the election of the Whitlam government, Victor Kline asks, what would Gough do to address the chronic deficiencies of our current society? MY PROBLEM is that I am old enough to remember the fundamental reforms of the Whitlam Government, so it is difficult for me to get excited … Read more