Energy Agency warns: Russia could completely cut off gas from Europe

On Wednesday, the executive director of the International Energy Agency said Russia could completely cut off gas supplies to Europe, while seeking to bolster its political clout amid the Ukraine crisis, adding that the Europe had to prepare now. In a statement sent to Reuters, Fatih Birol added: “Given this behavior recently, I would not … Read more

German minister reacts to cut in Russian gas exports

June 21, 2022 7:35 p.m. German Economy Minister Robert Habeck reacted today, Tuesday, to the reduction in gas exports from Russia to Germany.Habeck said the cut in gas flows from Russia was an economic attack on Germany, adding it was part of a plan to raise concerns.Commenting on Russia’s actions, Habek said: “This is a … Read more

Russia again cuts gas exports to Germany

Russian energy giant Gazprom announced today, Wednesday, that it will further reduce the maximum quantities of gas supplied to Germany via the Nord Stream 1 pipeline.The state-owned company has indicated that the maximum it will pump through the line to Germany will only reach 67 million cubic meters as of Thursday morning.The company again justified … Read more

To stop Russian gas, Germany is considering a “hard concession”

According to experts who spoke to “Sky News Arabia”, the continuing political and economic pressures on Berlin have caused even the most environmentally conscious parties, such as the Green Party, to gradually reverse their principles rejecting the use of coal. A study is currently underway to restart unused coal-fired power plants to generate electricity, in … Read more

The battle for gas .. “the ruble” is winning, and the proof of this is “54 foreign companies”

On Thursday, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak said about half of Gazprom customers of foreign companies have opened ruble accounts to make payments. He explained that “54 companies linked to contracts with Gazprom Export have agreed to open accounts in rubles”, adding that “according to the figures, about half of our gas customers have … Read more

A European plan “in billions” to do without Russian oil and gas

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said on Wednesday that the European Union plans to mobilize up to 300 billion euros in investments by 2030 to end its dependence on the Russian oil and gas. The European official explained that the investments will include ten billion euros for gas infrastructure and two billion euros … Read more

Sudden Russian move confuses Germany over gas supply

The Russian company justified its decision in a statement on the Telegram app in response to Western sanctions imposed on Russia due to the war in Ukraine. German Energy Minister Robert Habeck has accused Russia of using energy as a “weapon”, especially after Moscow imposed sanctions on 30 Western energy companies. “The situation is getting … Read more

Energy crisis ignites in Europe after Ukraine halts Russian gas flow

In its latest report, the World Bank even predicted that energy prices would increase by more than 50% this year, due to the continuation of the Russian-Ukrainian war, which could accelerate if the countries of the European Union approve embargo on Russian oil imports. As Ukraine announced on Wednesday it would suspend the flow of … Read more

Europe seeks to ban Russian oil as Putin cuts gas to Poland and Bulgaria

Russian President Vladimir Putin has taken action against Europe that could devastate it. But now the EU has retaliated with an unexpected embargo. Russian President Vladimir Putin has cut off all gas supplies to Bulgaria and Poland in a move seen as both blackmail and punishment after Europe refused to pay for its gas in … Read more

Poland restores gas supply interrupted by Russian company

The supply cut was a separate development from Russia’s decision earlier this week to halt gas supplies to Poland. Polish gas company Bnig said the Russian company, Novatek Green Energy, has met the demand by making its gas pipelines available to Polish companies who have now started transporting their gas to the 10 affected regions, … Read more