Bombardier Global 8000: World’s Fastest Passenger Plane Goes Supersonic During Tests

(CNN) — The race to resume supersonic passenger flight nearly two decades after Concorde was retired offered a glimmer of excitement on Monday when aircraft maker Bombardier revealed high-speed achievements while confirming the launch of its new jet business. The Canadian company said the Global 8000, under development, will be “the world’s fastest and longest-range … Read more

Germany’s €9 monthly pass is coming this summer

(CNN) — A whole month of unlimited transport for just $9.50 – that’s a lot anytime, but in a time of rising fuel prices, skyrocketing car rental rates and a global cost of living crisis, it becomes unbeatable. So pack your bags, because the most affordable travel destination this summer, if we go by transport, … Read more

PM Modi congratulates his new Australian counterpart Anthony Albanese

New Delhi [India]May 21 (ANI): Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday congratulated Australian Labor Party leader Anthony Albanese on his party’s victory in the country’s federal election, making him Australia’s elected prime minister. Prime Minister Modi said he looked forward to working on the shared interest between India and Australia in the Indo-Pacific region. “Congratulations … Read more

Best hotels near Buckingham Palace

A B&B with very reasonable and affordable prices, attractive rooms and a warm, family atmosphere. The pretty Georgian facade, with ornamental trees in tubs and overflowing planters, heralds an immediately relaxing and welcoming hotel. It has a country, warm atmosphere inside. The owners, Matt and Charlotte Goodsall, couldn’t be friendlier or more welcoming to their … Read more

The Future: the most beautiful train in Taiwan

Editor’s note – Monthly ticket is a new CNN Travel series that sheds light on some of the most fascinating topics in the world of travel. In May, we ride the rails exploring the most beautiful train journeys in the world. Whether you’re looking for travel inspiration or insider knowledge, Monthly Ticket will get you … Read more

Here’s how abortion clinics are preparing for Roe’s downfall

JACKSON, Mississippi — Leaders at a Tennessee abortion clinic calculated driving distances and studied passenger rail routes by scanning the map for another location to offer services if the U.S. Supreme Court allowed States to restrict or eliminate abortion rights. They chose Carbondale in Illinois — a state that offers easy access to abortion but … Read more

Explore the Australian Museum after dark with Nights at the Museum

Museum visitors will finally be able to live out their dreams of Larry Daley, with the australian museum keep the doors open a little later every Thursday in May and June. Not only will you be able to explore the AM’s ongoing exhibits after dark, but Nights at the Museum will also feature a stacked … Read more

Queen Elizabeth makes a surprise appearance at the opening ceremony of the London train line

The monarch, walking with a staff, wore a bright yellow outfit and hat to visit the Elizabeth line, which bears her name. She received a prepaid Oyster travel card at the event at Paddington station in west London on Tuesday, but did not use the train line itself. The Queen was present with her son, … Read more