Vital stem cells can be regenerated in damaged umbilical cord, study finds

Did you know that a newborn’s umbilical cord harbors vital stem cells like lymphoma and leukemia? This is one of the main reasons why parents today choose to store blood in an infant’s umbilical cord. Notably, if pregnancies are affected by gestational diabetes, the stem cells in the umbilical cord are damaged, rendering the cord … Read more

The abortion pill can be used later than the FDA says

The “abortion pill” is a bit of a misnomer. Known officially as medical or medication abortion, it is actually two separate drugs – mifepristone, which stops the pregnancy progressing, followed by misoprostol, which triggers contractions of the uterus – which together , mimic what happens during a miscarriage. So when medical abortion at home began … Read more

Newborn baby found dumped in rubbish bin in Grimsby, England

A newborn baby was reportedly found dumped in a garden bin with its umbilical cord still attached. A newborn baby has been found thrown into a wheelie bin and crying – with her umbilical cord still attached. The little boy was reportedly found in a brown garden bin in Grimsby, northeast England, at around 5 … Read more