The wreckage of the luxury yacht sunk in Yeppoon has been removed after four days of operation, but it is still unclear who will foot the bill

The wreckage of a sunken luxury yacht on a beach in central Queensland is expected to be completely cleaned up by authorities today, after a four-day cleanup effort, but it remains unclear who will foot the bill. Key points: The sunken yacht had been anchored on a popular beach in Yeppoon for more than two … Read more

‘Do no harm’: Religious leaders declare support for Indigenous people

Sky News contributor Erin Watson said moving forward with some form of reconciliation ‘doesn’t hurt anyone’ as leaders of major religions in Australia set to declare support for a indigenous voice in the constitution. The Catholic, Uniting and Anglican churches, the Australian National Council of Imams and the Executive Council of Australian Jewry will join … Read more

The Greens will have “all their say in the Senate”

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‘Left-wing media’ say government has ‘nothing to do’ with electricity bill hike

Sky News host Paul Murray said ‘left-wing media apologists’ are already saying the Federal Government has ‘nothing to do’ with higher electricity bills, despite is a cost of living issue. Australia’s Energy Regulator (AER) said on Thursday it was raising Default Market Offer (DMO) price caps, pushing up electricity bills. “Of course, that would directly … Read more

Albanians calling for good manners in politics is ‘very refreshing’

YouTuber and commentator Daisy Cousens says Prime Minister Anthony Albanese calling for more manners in politics is a “very refreshing turn” on his part. Mr Albanese, in response to Tanya Plibersek comparing Peter Dutton to Harry Potter villain Voldemort, told Channel Seven’s Sunrise ‘we shouldn’t refer to people’s appearance’ and he wants ‘to change the … Read more

Foreign Minister Penny Wong addresses the Pacific Islands Forum

Foreign Minister Penny Wong addressed the Pacific Islands Forum in Fiji today. She spoke about Australia’s commitment to action on climate change. “We will stand with you, our Pacific family, in response to this crisis,” she said. “We understand that we must work together like never before, for our peoples and for generations to come.”

Difficult to see the “point of difference” between the major parties

Rocco Loiacono, of Curtin University, says it was hard to see the “point of difference” between Labor and the coalition during the federal election campaign. Mr Loiacono said voters want to see someone “arguing something with conviction”. “I mean, everything we got from the Liberals was about good management and it really fell flat when … Read more

‘We must not lose sight that the suburbs are the backbone of our nation’: Liberal MP

Liberal MP Melissa McIntosh says she thinks the party could go back to the era of Robert Menzies and look at ‘forgotten people’, Western Sydney being one of them. “I think we shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that the suburbs are the backbone of our nation,” Ms McIntosh told Sky News host Chris Kenny. … Read more

Young people’s mental health affected by ‘relentless’ campaign on climate change

The campaign to link “extreme weather to climate change” has been “relentless” and “extrapolated to a very scary scenario”, according to Graham Lloyd, editor of The Australian’s Environment. ‘The results show that it is causing a lot of mental health issues and concerns, particularly among young people and it is getting worse,’ he told Sky … Read more